Paris graffiti, street art and sights [photo gallery]

by jvillains

PCKPR was recently in Paris and in between all the eating, shopping and sightseeing there was plenty of Parisian graffiti and street art to be seen. Whether the art was hung up or thrown up on a wall, spray painted or oil painted, behind glass or stuck on glass it was all dope. Check out the streets of Paris below. 

Rock the Bells 2013 SF @ Shoreline Amphitheater [photo gallery]

by jvillains

Piece Keeper Clothing RTB 2013

Started the day off right w/ some tocilogs from Goldilock's. 

Money, Hoes & Clothes. All a brotha knows.

DEATH before dishonor




Bay Area Boss Chuy Gomez

DEATH before dishonor

Action Bronson. Bon Appétit!

Trinidad James was turnt up!


Long lines at the booth. 

Del the Funky Homosapien. delHIERO signing session.

took his shoe right off

Schoolboy Q

Kendrick Lamar