Netflix [what to watch instantly]: TEDTalk, Real Talk [video]

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Roll one up. Put it in the air. Some people throw on an album, others grab a pad of paper and draw. Me? I like to do all of that, but one of favorites is putting Netflix on and watching some motherfukkin TED Talks. Real talk. UOENO. What's better than hearing some smart shit and getting enlightened? Netflix has TEDTalks which are the TED conferences broken into various topics. But first, dafaq is TED?

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and they put on conferences that feature speakers from all different fields, from all over the world that do some wild ass shit. They are so future. Basically, these speakers are the dopest in their respective field and people get to listen to them drop knowledge bombs. "IDEAS worth spreading." That's the motto. And after watching a couple of TED Talks you'll be itching to tell the homies what you learned. 

Luckily for us, these TED Talks are available on the internetz. Check out the TED homepage, Netflix, YouTube. Everything topic under the sun is covered, so it may be a little overwhelming at first. Just start any one on any topic and it prob is going to be good. Even if it's a topic that you have never heard of check it out. The presentations are done very well and will create a lens for you to see their angle. But word, a couple of topics that I've checked out and really liked are TEDTalks: Life HackTEDTalks: Head Games and then there is always The 20 Most-Watched TEDTalks.

The beauty of TED Talks is that each presentation is no longer than 20 minutes. There is even research showing this as how long our attention span is before we start to become distracted. Some Talks are even as short as 3 minutes. It's like they give their talk, drop the mic and walk off stage. 

Now, these speakers and talks are golden, but word on the street is that the organization that puts on the TED Talks is starting to turn to the dark side. Eddie Huang, who was a TED Fellow and then wasn't (over some BS) tells it how it is on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Check out that too just cuz Joe Rogan is awesome. With this goldmine of content, please believe there are tons of ad revenue dollars streaming in and don't forget the money from the actual conferences. Sold out TED2014 price of attendance is almost eight racks ($7,500). That's 30 bottles of Rosé in Houston! (on a side note Obama needs to appoint Slim Thug as diplomat to N.Korea, so he could get that dude Kim Jong Un to chill right quick.) But word, let's hope if things go bad, Jay Z steps in and takes over. TED you over baby, you geniuses are coming with me. 

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Number #1 most viewed TEDTalk. Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? 

Life Hack. Joe Smith: How to use a paper towel


 Terry Moore: How to tie your shoes [3 min]