Piece Keeper Clothing (PCKPR) is a lifestyle brand for the street culture enthusiasts. We strive to create a timeless element to our apparel.  Whether it's the fascination of clever concepts or appreciation for the small things in life, Piece Keeper redefines and brings authenticity to the term street culture. We aim to capture the dedication and loyalty of that lifestyle, and to develop clothing that represents the street self-identity and culture.  Piece Keeper Clothing integrates the diversity of the multiple genres and subcultures of people from across the urban universe that street wear is comprised of.  For the individual seeking to establish, strengthen or re-define their self-identity, Piece Keeper becomes the representation one needs to project the complexity of a multi-layered identity. 

The lion is the king of the jungle and you are the king of your domain.  The PCKPR lion embodies that belief and serves as a symbol of power, pride and respect. The pieces you wear reflect you as a person and what you stand for. Piece Keeper Clothing transcends the graphic and material it is printed on, it becomes a piece of the person that puts it on. The lion serves as a protector of your pieces, and ultimately represents the lifestyle that you lead. 

ADDRESS:    338 Spear Street, Unit 7C, San Francisco, CA 94105    |    PHONE:  415.857.0628